FOLCM exists to win people to Jesus Christ, to see the oppressed set free, and to teach and equip people to be disciples in the Army of the Lord.

God has done amazing things in our lives. We have been redeemed and set free through Jesus Christ! Now we want to see others redeemed by His blood! This ministry, FOLCM, is about winning souls to Jesus Christ through Prison Ministry, Tent Crusades, Street Block Parties, and Church Services..........



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From the bottle to the Bible book mockup

In June 2010 Stan Nolt walked into Tri-County Worship Center in Bethel PA and his life was radically changed when he had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  He was delivered from a long life of Alcohol, drugs and sinful desires of the world.  Stan's involvement with selling drugs and the drug cartel brought him to a place in life where he was staring death in the eyes.  So with nowhere left to turn, he fell down on his knees and submitted his whole life to Jesus Christ.

The transformation had everything to do with the mercy and grace of God and nothing to do with himself except his willingness to see that he was lost.

From The Bottle To The Bible 

by Stan Nolt